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Transcord is a company defined by its people; our team is composed of outstanding individuals that care about each and every one of our clients. We are fully committed to making sure that all your travel plans run smoothly and the only surprises you will ever have are pleasant and memorable.

Meet our team:

Pastora Donoso H.

She is the head of our organization; with over 20 years of experience she has rightfully earned the reputation of one of the best in her field. She is an amazing leader that has inspired all of us, and is behind every single detail and will personally look after your travel process from the very first email until you have safely returned home.

Susanne Stahl

Her story is inspiring: she came to Ecuador in one of her travel holidays and feel so deeply in love with the country that she decided to stay… not only to stay, but present Ecuador to the world. She enlisted herself to study Tourism and became a licensed guide. She is ahead of our guiding team.

Brigitte Frank

Founder of Transcord and former CEO. She is key to our success, her vast knowledge, understanding of the country and her long trajectory as part of the tourism industry make every single one of her suggestions, guidance and orientation priceless, she is a magnificent lady and we are lucky to have her.